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Value proposition brings powerful AI management capabilities to data science users so more AI projects make it into production and stay in production. Our purpose-built AI Management platform was designed by data scientists for data scientists and citizen data scientists to scale their value, domain expertise, and impact. The platform manages the hidden complexities and burdensome tasks that get in the way of realizing the tremendous productivity and performance gains AI can deliver across your business


Prevision.IA is a SAAS platform optimized for Firefox and Chrome navigators. The cloud version can be accessed online at, or it can be deployed on-premise or in your private cloud. Please visit us at if you have any questions regarding our deployment capabilities.


Please read the general terms and conditions available on following link :


If you have any questions about using platform please contact us using the chat button on the store interface or by email at the following contact address :

Getting started

There are to ways to get a account :

  1. Go to and open an account ( or link one of your OAuth2 enabled account )

  2. Deploy a dedicated computing service on Google Cloud

In order to deploy on Google Cloud, go to the dedicated Guide

Account creation

By clicking to the following address, you will land on the connection page which allows you to create an account or sign in if you already have a account.

In order to create a new account, just click on the sign up button next to the log in button. You will access the following account creation form.


Signup screen

Once you have filled the needed information, you will have a 30 days free but limited access to the platform. In order to upgrade your free trial account into a full access one, please contact us on following email (

Once done you can follow our complete guide to release a model


Once your account has been created, you will be able to access the prevision’s Studio and Store and start creating models and deploying them.

Please note that SSO using you google/linkedin/GitHub account is available.


login with SSO

Cloud & freetrial limitations

If you are using our cloud platform using a free trial account, some limitations are set up. Here’s a quick view of limitations for free accounts:

Freetrial Limitation





Create Project

Free trial users can create 2 Limited Projects


Add dataset from file / datasource

10 Datasets max + 1GB per dataset


Add / Update / Delete image Folder in project

1 Image Folder


Add / Update / Delete datasource in project

1 Datasource max


Add / Update / Delete connector in project

1 Connector max


Add / Update / Delete experiment in project

5 Use Cases max


Add / Update experiment version in project

3 Concurrent experiment versions


Add / Update prediction in experiment version

2 Concurrent predictions


Deploy Apps

5 Concurrent deployed apps

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